When music caresses the tortured soul, when all else like tender loving care cannot pierce that impenetrable barrier, that breaks the heart of a loving one, then we must acknowledge its therapeutic   benefit.

Dementia is a horrible affliction that visits many in old age, even worse when it that happens to the much younger.

Often ships that pass in the night will never know the obscure links that unite them.  Two strangers meet on the sands of time and form a loose friendship.  They have much in common, which leads to talking about respite for dementia of a loved one. 

The Mother of the ‘passing ship’, had spent some years along with the love of her life Paul, visiting nursing homes and respite centres, lifting the spirits of those who no longer were able to meet the challenges of life, through no fault of their own.  Betty on keyboard and Paul of melodious voice spent some years reviving the music of yesterday that drew from the down at heart , dancing and tapping feet, ...and to those who are carers, a joy to cherish.

I would recommend the immense value of these records. 

Personally at 85  I have a large collection of records, not the least being a healthy collections of Andre  Rieu, a favourite with the older generation.  What I have specifically noticed is the less than clinical perfection that commercial recordings bring.  The music of Paul and Betty brings an intimacy that is reminiscent of the days around the family piano and the sing-a-long.  

Therapeutic, is the claim made.  I put it to the test and I can vouch for its authenticity.

I thank  Betty, for the invisible bond that she has with my Iris.  Priceless through the therapy of the Music of Love. 

Bruce R Whiteside

7 July 2019


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