Because it is.

It belongs in a world that has gone and our loved ones now to reside in this world of past memories and happiness. Did they choose to do so? No. But they now live in a world that is separate from us and we have no chance to break through this barrier that they see before them. This fence, this terrible, awful block that separates a loved one from his or her closest and dearest.

Imagine if you could open the gates, for just one moment, and see the person you love? Imagine that?

Music can do that.

It is not a cure. It is not a miracle. It is a small window through which you can hold a hand, smile, connect and say " you are still here. "

That is the joy of music. And it is my privilege and honour to give you the gift of a Voice and a Keyboard that could just be the pathway to them and allow us to re meet them. 

After all, age and fragility are well earned. Not to be shunned.

Embrace your older folk and share something that makes them happy. After all, they looked after your happiness for a long time.

Paul was not a trained voice. He could not read a note of music. 


He felt the words. He felt the song. 

Thank you Paul. 






Music Made With Love

Bouquet of flowers

All of our Music was Made with Love and will entertain and give hours of pleasure to your loved ones. 

Golden Memories from times gone by and cherished for decades. 

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