Music that is therapeutic and gentle.

All of our music is free of irritating distractions, allowing the listener to enjoy the purity of a Voice and a Keyboard.

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Open 24 Hours

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We pride ourselves on our music being freshly old. No distracting drum beats, no clever bells and whistles. Just simple music to soothe the soul.

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" Paul was my husband for many years. We were invited to perform together at Nursing Homes, Respite Centres and other Aged Care facilities.  Over those years, we built up a huge archive of music and, of late, I am receiving requests from people all around Australia to get a copy of some of the music CD's. Here is some background that led us to the wonderful time we spent entertaining those who craved the nostalgia of Music Made with Love. " 

" I first heard this lovely voice at a sing song around the piano . You remember the days when all the family came for Sunday dinner then ended up in the lounge around the piano  singing....  A  Lovely Maori song, " Blue Smoke".      I married that man back in 1950.
  I had piano lessons for several years as a up and coming teenager then didn't play again until we bought an organ in 1980.  I often wondered why he hadn't sung earlier  but realized I wasn't good enough to accompany him.     In the late 80's I joined a group of five and we entertained around different Church and  Respite Homes.   Then I also joined two other ladies  and we played in  Nursing homes and similar places.  
 By the time the year 2000 rolled around I was ready to accompany my husband.  We went out on our own.   "Easy listening"  .. Betty and Paul.  This man couldn't read a note of music ;  he was just a man with a Voice.  
With the financial help of one of my sons we bought an expensive Roland Keyboard and that was the beautiful instrument that made the music.
We entertained until the early days of 2008 when by this time he was nearly 82 and health problems  were starting to arise. 
But during those lovely years of singing we had  fortunately bought recording    equipment and I recorded  dozens of discs  of a lot of the  programs  we did each month for the  different Centres we visited. Our visits were voluntary  and we enjoyed our time as much as the people who listened to  his lovely singing.    The Ladies loved him and even the Men would come up afterwards and say how much they enjoyed his singing.  
I hunted in all the Second hand shops for old music.  Vera Lynn , Bing Crosby , the 1930's and 40's  songs.  I have a filing cabinet full of old music.   So very fortunate to find them , old Cowboy songs, War songs and the lovely Romantic ones that I love.
I listen to his songs every  evening with a glass of wine , what could be nicer than Happy hour listening to my  Special Man. "    

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